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Technical Notes Index

To aid your understanding of shear wall connections we offer several technical notes. Each Technical Note examines one aspect of tie-down systems. Tie-Down systems cover a wide range of disciplines. Technical notes will aid designers in designing code compliant tie-down systems. Not only must these systems perform to code they must be easy to specify, easy to install and be cost effective. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

TN 01 - Tie-Down System Elongation Limits-an Introduction August 24, 2012

TN 01: A simple introduction to limits and sources of elongation in rod tie-down systems.

TN 02 - Tight Tie-Down Elongation Limits of 1/8" (0.125") October 8, 2012

TN 02: Describes the tight elongation limits required for short (less than 8 foot long) walls and demonstrates a competitive solution.

TN 10 - Anatomy of a Tie-Down (Single Story) Revised Feb. 28, 2012

TN 10: A step-by-step analysis of tie-down performance. It provides a guide to strength, elongation and shrinkage for all tie-downs with an emphasis on rod-systems.

TN 11 - Tie Down Specifications, a guide Revised Aug 3, 2012

TN11: Complete and accurate specifications are the key to system performance. This technical note provides a succinct and complete tie-down specification. The designer can modify and apply this specification to any project.

TN 12 - Portal Frame Systems Revised Feb. 22, 2012

TN -12: Portal Frames are among the difficult systems to design. The narrow shear panels tend to be overstressed and exhibit excess deflection. TN12 Explains Tie-Down systems as applied to Portal Frames and provides a design template.

TN 15 - Shear Walls, Shrinkage and Lateral Drift Coming Soon

TN15 discuses shrinkage and settling as applied to the performance of light frame construction.

Who Wrote these Notes Anyway?

The Technical Notes are written by Alfred Commins. Al has been researching and designing structural connections since 1965. From 1979 to 1997 he worked for Simpson Strong-Tie. Mr. Commins managed Research and Development for Simpson when he left. In1998 Mr. Commins founded Commins Manufacturing Inc. Commins Manufacturing designs and builds tie-down systems for light frame construction. Currently Mr. Commins has over 45 United States and Foreign Patents. These patents are assigned to Kaiser Aluminum, Simpson Strong-Tie and Commins Manufacturing. Many, if not most, architects, engineers, designers, and builders specify and use products designed by Al Commins. Mr. Commins has performed 1,000's of structural tests and 100's of full size shear wall tests. From these tests one key factor has emerged: The tighter the tie-down the better the shear wall performance. Stated another way: A loose shear wall will not perform to Code. All shear wall researchers know this (or learn it after just a few tests). To that end all tie-down systems offered by Commins Manufacturing, control shrinkage and elongation.

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