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  Structure Magazine Holdown System Articles

  Al Commins has authored a series of articles published by Structure Magazine concerning shear wall performance, tie-downs, self adjusting systems etc. Six articles are currently published with more information to follow. Part 6 "Evaluating Tie-Downs-a Systems Approach, the Sixth in the series, elaborated on the four performance elements needed: Strength, Stretch, Shrinkage and Reliability. It also outlines the requirements of several leading jurisdictions.

The performance of shear walls supported on settled/shrunken walls is difficult to understand unless you have witnessed full scale testing. To aid your understanding we developed a series of videos. These videos show how a tight and loose walls behave, how shrinkage compensators work and why a screw type device with no backlash is only solution to full shear wall connections. The series may be accessed through the following links:

  Hold Down Systems, Key to Shear Wall Performance, Part 1 - Basics
Part 1


530 kb
  Strap and Tie-Down Systems, Part 2 - A Critical Evaluation
Part 2


321 kb
  Continuous Tie-Down Systems, Part 3 - A Critical Evaluation
Part 3


1018 kb
  Designing Rod Tie-Down Systems, Part 4
Part 4


332 kb
Rod Tie-Down Systems, Part 5 - Inspection
Part 5


610 kb
  Evaluating Tie-Downs - a Systems Approach, Part 6
Part 6


400 kb
  Pre-Publication Articles:

  Tie-Down Systems: Critical Code Changes Draft 7:

Part A Strength, Stretch and Shrinkage-Settling
           Describes the codes that require including Delta R in the elongation calculations of tie down systems.
           Discusses how they work and how to meet them. Includes graphs pictures and examples.

Part B Tie-Down System Reliability
           Compares different types of shrinkage compensators. Includes graphs pictures and examples.



410 kb

488 kb
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